Need a custom made subwoofer box or enclosure?

Our design process is detailed exactly to match your vehicle and subwoofers specifications for a guaranteed fit, so you’ll know that you are getting a great product with quality service.


Not only will the box fit the perfect size of your vehicle and subwoofer, but weguarantee a higher audio quality and overall experience as well. Trust us with your custom speaker box needs.




Add a high quality Custom Subwoofer Box and finally have the car audio modification that you not only hear, but FEEL! We offer Custom Truck Subwoofer Boxes as well as Custom Car Speakers Enclosures. Start feeling the rhythm of your tunes...


Sealed Enclo­sures


Sealed enclo­sures are basi­cally air tight boxes and their basic purpose is to enhance the per­for­mance of the speak­ers for a better sound environment.


Vented Enclo­sures


Vented enclo­sures on the other hand are a lit­tle more complex that the sealed enclo­sures nut the vent def­i­nitely has its perks. These enclo­sures are also known as ported or bass-reflex sys­tems. Vented enclo­sures are con­sider­able more effi­cient than the sealed enclo­sures. This is because they chan­nel sound waves both from the front as well as the back of the cone into the sur­round­ing environ­ment ensuring bet­ter sound quality



Other less types of speaker enclo­sures are the Band­pass enclosures and the Cou­pled Cav­ity enclo sures which are sim­i­lar to the direct radi­a­tor enclosures but are com­par­a­tively more complex.


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