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We all recognize the sound of a car alarm. It is not uncommon to hear the loud sirens blaring in the middle of the night. Most of us ignore the sound and keep sleeping; the sound has almost become the soundtrack of the city. This is why it is so important that the car alarms of the 21st century do more than simply blast a siren into the night air.


They are comprehensive alarms that will sound when there is any disturbance to your vehicle. After the alarm sounds, a detailed message is sent to your remote to alert you of the condition of your car. And rather than simply having a siren, these car alarms have a feature called a starter-kill. This will allow you to stop your car’s engine from running and effectively prevent any attempts to steal your vehicle.


Auto vehicle security systems have sensors throughout the car. Whether the door is opened, a window is broken or even if someone attempts to jack to car to take the tires, the alarm will sound and you will be alerted immediately. The remotes have detailed messages and displays that show exactly what is happening to your car


Now you can remote start, lock and unlock your car just by pushing a button on your smartphone.


The simple graphical interface gives you control over the following features of your installed Viper remote start or security with remote start system:



 Lock / Arm

 Unlock / Disarm

 Remote Car Starter

 Trunk Release


 Aux Channels




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